Harvest Videos
A three-day experience filled with fascinating talks and workshops to harvest knowledge and nurture the planet.
Peter Read
Quantum Computing, the Silver Bullet to Fight Climate Change?
Peter and his team believe that today's embryonic quantum computers may already be sufficiently powerful to run quantum chemistry simulations to help us build applications that our planet desperately needs.
Dennis Karpes
The Wayfinders: Why ancient wisdom matters in a modern world
Justdiggit jumpstarts landscape restoration programs and creates a global social movement for climate action, restoring entire ecosystems using community-based water harvesting, agroforestry and climate resilient agriculture.
Zafer Kızılkaya
Restoring Marine Ecosystem Connectivity in Turkey

With native species of marine ecosystems dwindling in the Turkish Aegean, Zafer Kızılkaya unveils how a pilot marine habitat restoration project is removing barriers and triggering the revival of healthy ecosystem processes.
Francisco Loffredi
The World of Spearfishing

Spearfishing isn't simply a sport, it can be a way of life and is crucial to the survival for many cultures and individuals in the world. Humans are also marine animals who share many parallels between life underwater and on land.
Harvest Nature
May 2019
Nature is indispensable to life on planet earth and after decades of neglect from the modern world, it is now more crucial than ever that we give it our full attention and make critical changes to ensuring the survival of its many species.
Wade Davis
The Wayfinders: Why ancient wisdom matters in a modern world
Every culture has a unique answer to a fundamental question: What does it mean to be human and alive? Wade Davis leads us on a thrilling journey to celebrate the wisdom of the world's indigenous cultures.
Howard Covington
Glimpsing our future

With major developments in technology changing how we eat, farm, travel and live, along with the rising environmental problems we are facing, Howard is tackling the world's pressing issues by influencing change to laws and policies.
Hanli Prinsloo
Freediving and the need for a deeper ocean connection

Hanli shares her personal journey of discovering her body's astounding adaptation to being underwater and guides you through the world's last wilderness.
Kingsley Holgate
Anecdotes from a lifetime of African travel

Dubbed "Africa's greatest living explorer" by National Geographic, Kingsley regales epic stories of saving and improving lives through adventure - helping local communities to prevent malaria, purify water, conserve wildlife and more.
Sheelagh Antrobus
Saving the world's threatened rhinos

With rhino poaching still commonplace in Africa and only a few precious herds remaining, action is being taken to prevent these prehistoric animals from becoming extinct with new technology helping conservationists in their work.
Mike Nixon
Making tracks

An adventurer and extreme cyclist, Mike's successes and failures from the frozen summits in Asia to Africa's cycling trails depict the power of nature and the importance of tackling extreme conditions physically, mentally and as a team.
Harvest Wellbeing
October 2018

What does wellbeing mean to you? Aided by speakers such as Dan Buettner, Christiana Musk and Dr Harvey Karp, we explore the extent of what it means to be well in our minds, bodies and communities as well as on a planetary scale.