Harvest Podcast
A three-day experience filled with fascinating talks and workshops to harvest knowledge and nurture the planet.
Sylvia Earle interview
Leading oceanographer and marine conservationist Sylvia Earle, talks to one of Harvest's founders, Nick Kislinger, about her relationship with the oceans and their importance not just in the existence of marine life, but for human survival as well.
Vincent Moon interview
Artist, musician, filmmaker - just a few words to describe Vincent Moon's skills and titles. Redefining music videos, he discusses what drove him to create films with improvised music which depict ancient cultures and why the modern world needs to be reminded of them.
Parag Mahajani interview
Astronomy has been studied and passed down through generations for millennia, but with today's technology we can learn so much more. Parag takes us through his journey of discovery of the stars and how his passion drives him to pass on his teachings to the world.
Harvest Kaplankaya
5-7 June 2020, Six Senses Kaplankaya